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About Us at EveryoneSocialising

About Us
EveryoneSocialising is an online dating service for singles and adults on the planet who look for fun, friendship, romance, or long term relationship. It is absolutely 100% FREE, and there is no subscription fee for any available service at any time.
Our free services include:
  • Search without registering – available as Quick Search and Advanced Search. You can browse some existing profiles to find your perfect matches. However, if you want to communicate with any of your matches, you will need to register.
  • Photo – you can create your own photo gallery in your profile so that other members can view.
  • Music – you can upload your favourite music so that only your friends can listen to, or you can make it available to the public if you wish to.
  • Video – you can upload your own video for your friends or other members to share with.
  • Blogs – you can post some appropriate topics on the blog so that other members can read and have comments on them.
  • And plus many more services and features which are totally FREE.
If you require more information, please contact us at